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_silverthorne_'s Bio and Free Webcam

Real Name:
Birth Date:
April 17, 1993
Interested In:
Men, Women, Trans, Couples
Twitter @xsilverthornex
Last Broadcast:
9 hours, 17 minutes
Body Type:
Smoke / Drink:
nope / occasionally
Body Decorations:
Tattoos, ear piercings
About Me:

Welcome to my room!

About Me

Hi there! My name is Silverthorne! I am a fun, 20-something webcam model who is just trying not to be too awkward on the internet. When I am not online, like to spend my time cooking, gardening, gaming, and helping tend to the 7 animals that live with me. My dream is to own my own plot of land in the mountains, live in a tiny home, and run an animal sancutary!

I strive for my room to be fun and engaging, so don't hesitate to chat with me! Please follow my room rules and read the F.A.Q below before asking questions.

Room rules

  • Please do not demand, even in tip notes.

  • Please be respectful to me and other users in my room.

  • Feel free to dirty talk me, but in tip notes and pms only.

  • Please do not promote other models in my room.

Tip Menu

    Fun stuff

    • Thumbs Up - 3

    • Stick Out Tongue - 4

    • Finger Guns - 7

    • Private Message/PM - 11

    • Say Hi To A Pet - 14

    • Bunny Nose - 17

    • Blow Kisses - 19

    • Song Request - 21

    • Crosseyed Close-Up - 22

    • Jump Around - 23

    • Chicken Dance - 24

    • 15 Squats - 33

    • 15 Second Plank - 34

    • 15 Jumping Jacks - 37

    • 60 Seconds of Silence - 60

    • My Favorite Number - 333

    • Eat A Whole Jalapeno - 399

    • Your Name on Me - 554

    Sexy Things

    • Suck Fingers - 41

    • 5 Hand Spanks - 46

    • Flash Feet - 49

    • Ass Flash - 64

    • Flash Tits - 69

    • Change Foot/Legwear - 74

    • Panty Tease - 79

    • Suck Toes - 84

    • Flash Kitty - 99

    • Dance - 149

    • Topless Five Minutes - 199

    • Striptease - 299

    • Outfit Change - 324

    • Naked Five Minutes - 499

    • 48h Cum Denial - 3001

    • Cum Denial Lifted - 3002


  • Bra Size - 40 C

  • Shoe Size - U.S. 9.5

  • Height - 5'6"/168cm

  • Weight - 200lbs

  • Where do you live? I live in the southern U.S.

  • Will you watch my cam? I'm not doing cam to cam right now.

  • Dom or sub? I can do both but I enjoy and am better at being submissive.

  • Do you have a boyfriend? Yes, I cam while he is at work.

  • You have a roommate? Yep. I am currently renting out the spare room to a friend. Yes, she knows I cam. Three of the animals are hers.

  • When are you online? I have a weekly schedule I post on Twitter every Saturday!

  • You have a Twitter? Yep. It's @xsilverthornex

  • Do you have Snap or Kik? No.

  • Do you have any sex toys? I do; they are Bad Dragon! More specifically, a medium Blaze and a small Tyson. However, I don't feel comfortable using them live because TOS makes me nervous.

  • What dick size do you prefer? I have PCOS, so I actually prefer average or small penises.

  • What is PCOS? Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome. That means is that I have lots of cysts that develop on my ovaries. It can make deep sex painful and pregancy almost impossible. No, there isn't a cure.

  • Are you bi? I am actually pansexual! All that means I am not attracted to a specific gender. I am attracted to males, females, transgender, genderqueer, etc.

  • Have you ever been with a trans? No, I have not been with a transgender person.

  • Do you enjoy anal? Sure do!

  • What is your favorite sex position? The Om; it's a tantric sex position. He sits crosslegged and she sits inside his legs with her legs wrapped around him. They hold on to each other for support. I like it on a couch because I can hold onto the back of it for extra pleasure.

  • You are really vegan? Yep.

  • You're a gamer? Yeah! My favorite game of all time is Dust: An Elysian Tail. I also enjoy Skyrim, PUBG, Little Nightmares, and Don't Starve among others, including handhelds and apps.

  • XBOX, Playstation, or PC? I really don't have a preference.

  • Have you ever won PUBG? Yes! I got Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner once. It was awesome!

  • Panties, videos, photosets, or thighhighs? COMING SOON

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