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Feb. 14, 1948
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Men, Trans
Blue Marble
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2 hours, 55 minutes
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my smile
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    ~~~~MY MENU~~~
    kiss me = 2
    non nude requests = a tip over 25
    pms in a tipnote only
    c2c = 101
    sniff my pussy finger = 99
    kik or snap = 300
    phone sex = 2000
    panties = 1200
    toy control 6 min = 666
    outfit change= 111
    public nudity = 5555
    nudity = insta private 2222
    or 150 per min
    Hi People
    I am Cj..a healthy horny mature non nude curvy sexy cam model,,im nearing 55 yrs of age,straight sweet sensual seductive smart and a super pervy girl...webcamming has been
    A BIG part of my life since 2010 and has enhanced it some..if you joined my room you will find me shaking my ass to music and tips for the most part of my shows and interacting with visitors in my room..i usually type with lots of not a big talker on cam,,for me its hard to talk to a metal screen i need to see eye to eye to make it real...the journey hasnt always been easy for me,,ive had my great wet happy fun days and ive had my shitty dry low down bummer days,my happiest times on cam would be when im surrounded by my REAL friends my MODS and the regular grays that show interest in me..i dont mute anyone usually...but i do kick assholes out.. i have zero tolerance for rude remarks or insults towards me or my guests..act like an adult were all adults here..ignoring me annoys me..this isnt a parking lot ,,if i make the time to log on to entertain you guys,,im punching in to start my shift then i kinda expect you to take notice and show interest in ME ..i think it is rude and disrespectful, im inviting you into my home and my life at least say hello..its common courtesy. your involvement and cooperation is needed...i dont even care if youre not tipping me at least acknowledge me and show some interest by saying hello to me..
    It still exists in private shows and crazy ticket shows which are both paid shows,,im open to do privates anytime and crazy ticket shows are pretty regular it took me one week to come to the final decision to choose non nude over nude..i personally prefer to be nude i hate clothes and find them restricting but the fact i was exposing myself fully and entertaining and catering to men that had no contribution what so ever to my shows..and had no intentions of ever contributing wasnt benefiting me at all to justify being naked...i have taken a bit of loss financially but it was a risk i had to rather have had continuing support along this journey but i cant control how men feel about me...including not only the grey viewers but some of you blues and purples as well..,this choice i made might not have been the wisest choice as far as being on a porn site and still trying to maintain a half decent income non nude but i sure do feel better about myself as a person,if you cant be my friend anymore because i no longer strip naked in public chat then you were never my friend to begin with,,so no real loss but a few tokens i do maintain a regular career and have for the past 36 yrs.and welcoming my retirement years ahead,,i am not desperate needy or broken so i have the luxury to cam when i feel like it or when time permits... a set schedule doesnt exist
    is important to me...Im a very private person so sharing my life with you more personally probably wont happen,,,i like to maintain some privacy and i think just sharing myself alone on cam is enough,,i dont go to my regular job and share with my co workers my personal business so why would i here,my location,,my marital status,,my private life in general isnt really anyones business..there are a select few i trust enough that know more about me then the rest
    i love cock,i worship it..i love the look and feel of it, perving on cock cams in private,,i prefer to c2c in private that way we both see each other get off equally ...ive never been with a woman sexually but have been hit on many times including by friends...i love fine cuisines..i love savories..i love lindt chocolate and will often see me eating it on cam menopausal and have hot flashes...i love watching men shower yep one of my fetishes.
    just watching you get wet and clean turns me weird i know.. lol..i also love to see men do something else on cam but shhh ill keep that a secret..shhh i have the secret to sweet
    tasting cum it isnt pineapple...i love tipping other models when i have extra to share....i love facials..yes im a big fan of facials...i love fondling and groping any dick in my reach...its a bad habit of mine..i love mature men and men that have something to offer me..i love intelligent men..i love hardons in boxers...morning woodies are a big turn on for me as well as morning sex...i love to 69..mmm yes i ride on top is my favorite position and second favorite is?? i love watermelon with cheese...i love cream cheese and jam on a biscuit..tea is my choice of energy drink..i dont drink soda...i love to pee in nature..i love camping hiking and cycling..mountain peaks are a challenge and fun to reach..anything to do with nature and the outdoors i love,,i love travelling and hope to see more of this planet before i retire and after..i believe in a higher being..i know im not controlling my heart or my bladder lol..i believe there is a hidden truth and i am aware of it..i think men should worship me and my hotass and spoil me very nurturing and humble.
    .im a silly goose ball and kinda geeky in a clumsey and will accidently break anything breakable eg. glass,ceramics,even plastics lol...i still feel like im 18 yrs old and hope i still feel that way when im 80....i love the 4 seasons but fall is my favorite..i love cold and snow..i cant stand humidity and high heat..i was a blonde for 20 yrs and i was also a strict vegetarian for 20 yrs..i love carbs and they love me allergic to coffee and oranges...i enjoy reading and listening to taste in music is eclectic so the range is very broad and diverse.. music is a universal language why have limitations...i play the balanced and not medicated by pharmaceuticals yet..i am 420 friendly and highly recommend a non just never appealed to choose a cup of water over a glass of Screaming Eagle Cabernet any day..smoking never appealed to me either it is highly toxic.inhaling over 4000 highly toxic chemicals per drag isnt sexy or appealing to me..i dont dig anything or anyone artificial..if youre not a real human then what are you??imma girly girl..i dont hang out with men and watch sports but take me to a live ball game im all over that...i love Christmas,,.im approachable...easy going and a super nice person im always happy..camming doesnt always have that element of real life relationships has no real eye to eye connection for me,,,.i love live performances whether it is a play,a concert or any outdoor live music events...outdoor dining is sexy to a dancer and love to dance on to go to the movies and grope a dick in the dark lol..average size dick is 5.5 inches..i judged cock cams for 5 yrs..size doesnt matter but i personally prefer a 6-8 inch dick give or take....i love the roller coaster and bumper cars anything else makes me barf.. i love cotton candy..i cant deep throat unless youre 3 inches a gagger and will gag on most average shaven only because i prefer it..i like cooking alot and dont even mind doing the dishes..i brush my teeth 2 times a day,,i shower daily,,i color my hair when the grey gets teeth are real and no i didnt have braces..i visit my dentist regularly..i dont have any tattoos or piercings but contemplating getting one symbolic of my body is pure natural and untouched.. so the only body decorations i own are my cellulite and varicose veins not a gamer and never have involved myself with that part of the hair is naturally curly but i usually straighten it...i squirt and have creamy cum shows..i have no fear of spiders or flying,,but i do get motion sickness and heights make me nauseous...i catch bugs and release them in nature if i can..i love rain showers and lightening and thunderstorms with candle lite on a dark stormy night..not sure why but it kinda turns me on..i love the cool side to a pillow and wind blowing in my face..i cant sleep without the fan on summer or winter,,i love necking kissing touching,,i love touch,, but dont you dare tickle me ill injure you lol..i am deaf,,but i try to cope with my disability as best i can it is hereditary and irreversible and refuse to wear my old hearing aids so i struggle with it daily,,its real...i miss the sound of birds dog princess is my alert dog without her id never hear the fire alarm the knocking on the door or the phone..but princess is a vicious dog she wont let anyone near me so if youre thinking of getting closer good luck...i dont stalk my tippers,,i wont yell at you or try to control your wallet i promise,,,i love random acts of kindness and participate in it,,,what triggers my soul is your kindness

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